The Aurora

The Aurora @MSP
Spring 2021 (Minneapolis – St Paul Airport, Terminal 1) — The Aurora, Jen Lewin’s newest work, will be a permanent interactive sculpture, spanning two stories, hanging within a new floor opening between Arrivals and Departures in the renovated Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport Terminal 1. This piece was commissioned by [email protected] and Lewin gathered feedback from Minnesotans to develop the custom concept, which is reflected through the design of the interactive glass lakes on the ground loosely derived from local, public lakes in the Minneapolis – St. Paul region.  The color palette of the sculpture will also vary by season and respond to local weather conditions so the work feels like it is fluidly part of the real-time Minnesota landscape.    
The sculpture is a hovering wisp of glass and metal that will include over 10,000 fully interactive RGB LEDS, integrated into 3,000 vintage glass bulbs, with interactive walkable lakes on the ground. As The Aurora floats above the floor, movement below and on the lake floor will be sensed and translated into graceful swooshes of light and color across the piece. This work is created in a similar method to Lewin’s existing work The Edison Cloud, Edison Orbs, and Tulsa Cloud, however each bulb in The Aurora will have more than one LED. This clustering of LEDs within each glass bulb created the illusion of infinite depth within each twinkling bulb.
Lewin’s team will be installing the sculpture in Minnesota through the Fall of 2020. For more information, contact [email protected] . 
Watch coverage of The Aurora being installed here: Fox 9 Evening News Segment and Star Tribune Video


Flow: 2020

Flow is a new permanent work designed for the ‘Iolani K-12 School in Honolulu, Hawaii; installed on the Kosasa Performance Studios building on campus. The work is composed of 24 fully interactive sound and light tubes. Each tube contains sensors to gauge movement below and trigger custom circuitry that changes the light, color and produces musical notes to allow users to play with the piece like a harp. Certain tubes affect the overall color and sound pallet allowing users to mix color, light, and sound within the overall composition. The interactive piece invites the students into play with the art and with each other, and hopefully inspires them to tap into their own creativity.

© Copyright Jen Lewin Studio, all rights reserved.    

© Copyright Jen Lewin Studio, all rights reserved.