Light artist Jen Lewin poses beneath The Edison Cloud
Light artist Jen Lewin stands on her interactive sculpture The Pool
Light artist Jen Lewin in 2012
Light artist Jen Lewin works on the Edison Cloud
Light artist Jen Lewin
Light artist Jen Lewin stands behind her interactive sculpture Butterfly
Light artist Jen Lewin works on the Moths
Light artist Jen Lewin speaks at SXSW in 2013
Light artist Jen Lewin sits below the Edison Cloud

Jen Lewin is an internationally recognized Artist – Engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. Over her 27-year career, Lewin has honed her architectural background and a highly technical medium to fabricate large-scale, interactive, public sculptures that encourage community interaction and play. Uniting nature and technology, Lewin thinks beyond traditional media to create connected human experiences that bring vibrancy to public spaces. Existing at the intersection of art, technology, and community, her sculptures underscore the ripple effects that each individual has on their community and habitat, the energy of human connection, and the power of collective action.

Lewin’s works have been featured at numerous events including the Takanawa Gateway Fest, Tokyo (2020); Istanbul Light Festival (2015); Vivid Sydney (2018, 2014); iLight Marina Bay, Singapore (2014); Signal Fest, Prague (2014); Burning Man, Black Rock City (2014, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, etc.); Biennial of the Americas, Denver (2013); and Gwangju Design Biennale (2007). She has had exhibitions across the globe, including at the Oklahoma Contemporary (2020); Hong Kong Arts Centre (2020); Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens (2020); Museum of Design, Atlanta (2018); and the University of Colorado Boulder Art Museum (2013); among others. Lewin has designed, developed, and installed permanent interactive sculptures worldwide, including The Aurora, Minneapolis (2021); Helix, Miami (2021); Andante, Miami (2021); Flow, Hawaii (2020); the Jeju Pool, South Korea (2018); Promenade, Denver (2018); Sidewalk Harp, Minneapolis (2015); and Magical Harp, Palo Alto (2015), among others. Lewin has also collaborated with several artists and designers, including with Claes Oldenburg on Paint Torch (2011), now in the collection of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA); and with Lawrence Argent on Water Tree (2010), installed permanently in Vail, CO.


2022       FITC Toronto

2022       Ciluz



2021        Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport: The Aurora

2021        Doral, Florida: Helix and Andante

2020       Redwood City: Magical Harp and Light Pools
2020       Walnut Creek: Light Pool

2020       Iolani School, Honolulu, Hawaii: Flow

2019       Aurora, Colorado: Aushans Harp

2019       Norwalk, CT, Brookfield Place: Euclid

2019       Norwalk, CT, Brookfield Place: The Cloud

2018       Forest City, Washington DC: Ballston Flux      

2018       Tulsa, OK: The Cloud

2018       Jeju, South Korea: Jeju Pool

2018       Dairy Block, Denver, CO: Promenade

2017       Coral Springs, FL: Ascent

2017       University of Akron: Flux Chandelier

2015       Singapore: Mini Pool

2015       Minneapolis, MN: Sidewalk Harp

2015       Palo Alto, CA: Magical Harp

2011       Philadelphia, PA: The Paint Torch, by Claes Oldenburg, Light Art by Jen Lewin

2010      Solaris, Vail, CO: The Water Tree by Lawrence Argent, Light Art by Jen Lewin

2009       National City, California City Hall (Permanent): Wood Harp & Moth

2022        The Women in Lighting Award
2022        Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards Gold Award: The Aurora

2022        Black Rock City Honoraria: The Last Ocean

2020        Black Rock City Honoraria: Cosmos

2017        Jing An Kerry Centre Artist in Residence

2017        Black Rock City Honoraria: Aqueous

2016        CODAawards Top 100 Projects 2016: Sidewalk Harp

2016        5280 Magazine Top of the Town: Best Artist Editor’s Choice

2015        CODAvideo Merit Award: The Pool at AHA! Light Up Cleveland

2015        Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award: Edison Cloud

2014        Burning Rock Arts Foundation Grant: Super Pool

2014        Rotational Molding Product Design Competition: 1st Place: Learning Gardens

2013        University of Central Arkansas Artist in Residence 

2012        Burning Man Honorarium: The Pool

2012        Burning Man Honorarium: Arc Harp

2008        Burning Man Honorarium: The Pool

2005        Burning Man Honorarium: Arc Harp

1996        Presidents Fund For Teaching in Technology Research Grant: “The Ceren Project”

1996        CASI (Colorado Advanced Software Institute) Research Grant


2022 – Lights on Stratford
, Ontario: The Pool
2022 Exploratorium, San Francisco: The Last Ocean 
2022 – Canal Convergence, Scottsdale: The Last Ocean
2022 – Beacon Park, Detroit: The Last Ocean 
2022 – Burning Man, Black Rock City: The Last Ocean
2022 – Brisbane Festival, Brisbane: The Pool
2022 – Digital Garden, Mount Gambier: The Pool 
2022 – Illuminate Adelaide, Adelaide: Chandelier Harp and The Pool
2022 – Industry City, Brooklyn: The Pool

2021 – Stavros Niachros Foundation  Center, Athens: Aqueous
2021 – Current Show, DUMBO Brooklyn: Anti-Chandelier

2021 – Domino Park:  Reflect

2020 – Festival of Light, Southhampton: The Pool
2020 – Takanawa Gateway Fest, Tokyo: Cosmos
2020 – Oklahoma Contemporary, Oklahoma City: Aqueous
2020 – Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong: Aqueous

2019 – World Economic Forum, Davos: Chandelier Harp
2019 – Braze, New York City: Edison Cloud
2019 – Converge New York City, Aqueous and Chandelier Harp
2019 – Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit: Chandelier Harp
2019 – Momentum Festival, Toledo: Aqueous
2019 – LIT, Huntsville: Aqueous
2019 – Enchanted Forest of Light, Los Angeles: Aqueous
2019 – Conservatory Aglow – Columbus: The Pool
2019 – Luminaria, Salt Lake City: Aqueous
2019 – Stavros Niachros Foundation  Center, Athens: The Pool

2018 – Museum of Design, Atlanta: Aqueous
2018 – Klanglicht, Graz: The Pool
2018 – reCODE, Los Angeles: Aqueous
2018 – Vivid Sydney, Sydney: Aqueous
2018 – Kapolei Commons, Maui: Aqueous
2018 – George P. Johnson, Las Vegas: Aqueous
2018 – B-Light, Manama: Aqueous
2018 – Taipei, Taiwan: The Pool
2018 – Light Yards: Washington DC: The Pool
2018 – Enchanted Forest of Light, Los Angeles: Aqueous

2017 Georgetown Glow, Georgetown DC: Aqueous
2017 Visual Arts Week, Mexico City: The Pool
2017 Enchanted Forest of Light, Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles: Aqueous
2017 Taikoo li Sanlitun, Beijing: The Pool
2017 BLINK Cincinnati: The Pool
2017 Worlds Fair Nano, Brooklyn: Aqueous
2017 Jing An Kerry Centre, Shanghai: The Pool
2017 Buring Man Black Rock City Honoraria: Aqueous
2017 Light Festival Jerusalem: The Pool
2017 Chattanooga: The Pool
2017 Light City, Baltimore: Reflect
2017 Hong Kong Arts Festival: Hong Kong

2016 Enchanted Forest of Light, Los Angeles: The Pool
2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver: Chandelier Harp
2016 Midtown Crossing, Omaha: The Pool                              2016 
WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, Breckenridge: The Pool
2016 Arrow Arts Challenge, Denver: Nova
2016 Design Pavilion, New York City: The Pool
2016 B-Light Festival, Manama: The Pool
2016 Light City, Baltimore: The Pool
2016 Mother of the Nation Festival, Abu Dhabi: The Pool
2016 iLight Marina Bay, Singapore: Light Walk
2016 SPECTRA, Aberdeen: The Pool
2016 Winter Lights @ Canary Wharf, London: The Pool

2015 LUNA Fête, New Orleans: The Pool
2015 Istanbul Light Festival: The Pool
2015 CherryArts Festival at Stanley, Aurora: Chandelier Harp
2015 igNIGHT, Fort McMurray: The Pool
2015 Burning Man, Black Rock City: Super Pool
2015 Astana Arts Fest, Kazakhstan: Chandelier Harp
2015 Bonnaroo, Manchester: The Pool
2015 Summer in Paradise, West Palm Beach: The Pool
2015 Communikey, Boulder: Chandelier Harp
2015 Montréal en Lumière, Montreal: The Pool
2015 Canal Convergence, Scottsdale: The Pool

2014 University of Warwick Arts Centre: The Pool
2014 Signal Festival, Prague: The Pool
2014 Art de Colombo, Lisbon: The Pool
2014 Burning Man Honorarium, Super Pool
2014 AHA! Light Up Cleveland, Cleveland: Double Pool
2014 Vivid Light, Sydney: The Pool
2014 iLight Marina Bay, Singapore: The Pool
2014 Luminosity, Lexington: Chandelier Harp

2013 Chalk The Block, El Paso: The Pool
2013 Artsfest, Conway: The Pool and Chandelier Harp
2013 Biennial of the Americas, Denver: Arc Lamps ,The Pool
2013 Escape From Wonderland: The Pool
2013 Electric Daisy Carnival, Orlando: The Pool
2013 Electric Daisy Carnival, New York City: The Pool
2013 Electric Daisy Carnival, Chicago: The Pool    2013 Electric Daisy Carnival,  Las Vegas: The Pool
2013 It’s Electric,  CU Art Museum
2013 SXSW Eco Light Garden, Austin: The Pool


2012 La Napoule Art Foundation, Denver: Long Harp
2012 Burning Man Honorarium: Arc Harp

2011 The Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood: Long Harp
2011 Colorado Ocean Coalition, Boulder: The Pool
2011 Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas & Dallas: The Pool

2010 Montreal Balloon Festival, Montreal: The Pool
2010 Electric Daisy Carnival, Dallas & Denver: The Pool

2009 New Orleans Botanical Garden, New Orleans: Arc Harp
2009 Voodoo Festival, New Orleans: Arc Harp
2009 Tesla Store Opening Exhibit, Boulder: Long Harp
2009 Burning Man, Black Rock City: The Pool

2008 Burning Man Honorarium, The Pool
2008 Atlas Center Visiting Artist, Boulder: Moths

2007 Ingenuity, Cleveland: Arc Harp
2007 GwangJu Design Biennale, Gwangju: Long Harp
2007 Wired Magazine “NextFest”, Los Angeles: Long Harp
2007 Burning Man, Black Rock City: Arc Harp
2007 Ingenuity, Cleveland: Arc Harp

2006 The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder: Solo Exhibit
2006 Wired Magazine “NextFest”, New York City: Arc Harp 
2006 CU Art Museum, Boulder: Arc Harp & Long Harp
2006 Burning Man Honorarium Artist and Featured Exhibit, Black Rock City: Arc Harp
2006 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder: Light Curtain and Butterfly

2004 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder: Elevator Shaft

1998 – 2002
2002 Tiche Galla at Lincoln Center, New York City: Ribs
2002 New York University at ITP Gallery, New York City: Butterfly
2001 New York University at ITP Gallery, New York City: Ribs
2000 New York University at ITP Gallery, New York City: Dancing Curtains
1998 SIGGRAPH, Orlando: Ceren

© Copyright Jen Lewin Studio, all rights reserved.    

© Copyright Jen Lewin Studio, all rights reserved.