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August 5, 2022 – August 21, 2022 (Mount Gambier, South Australia)

Building on its success in 2021, Digital Garden once again reimagines the cultural centre of Mount Gambier with captivating installations, projections, and interactive lighting. Transforming Cave Garden with a series of experiences from renowned local and international artists, Digital Garden will light up winter in the South East of the state.

A highlight of this project will be an interactive installation by Jen Lewin Studio titled The Pool. Merging the movements of individuals to create an overlapping and everchanging collage of light, The Pool is a giant field of concentric circles that swirl with colour when activated by touch. Inspired by Australian tidal rock pools, The Pool uses cutting edge mesh-network technology and custom code to bring this vivid and ever-changing composition to life.

Free for all ages.

August 28 – September 5 (Black Rock City)

Jen Lewin’s newest, largest, and most sustainable work, The Last Ocean, was awarded a Black Rock City Honorarium to bring the massive sculpture created entirely out of reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic.

Lewin’s previous work combines the beauty of the natural world alongside the transformative possibilities of human interactivity and the power of technology, creating community through connection. The Last Ocean aims to expand on this body of work, encapsulating the expansive uniqueness of our oceans, and the fragility of these immense bodies of water. Composed of over 300 interactive platforms spanning over 8000 square feet and created from reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic, The Last Ocean is an immersive experience created using Lewin’s unique in-house mesh network LED technology.

During the day, the platforms of The Last Ocean will highlight the transformation of reclaimed ocean plastic with a swirled surface of blue and white particulate.

At night, The Last Ocean will glow with vibrant animated light, cycling through a diverse palette of carefully curated colors as visitors interact with the work. Participants will splash and dance in waves of light, illuminating the organic and powerful nature of our oceans.

The Last Ocean is part of Lewin’s “Have Art Will Travel Program” which seeks to create dynamic, participatory, public art experiences worldwide.

September 20, 2022 – September. 26, 2022 (Beacon Park, Detroit)

Join us from September 20 – 26 to experience this year’s art installation – “The Last Ocean” by Jen Lewin
“The Last Ocean” is an expansive landscape of interactive platforms created from reclaimed ocean plastic, evocative of a luminescent ice field composed of beautiful geometric tessellations. This is a work that not only seeks to inspire and educate, but also – through the use of reclaimed ocean plastic – to impact the recovery of our oceans and our planet.

“The Last Ocean”, created by American contemporary artist, Jen Lewin, explores the crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans, a warming planet, dwindling natural resources, and the need for aggressive systemic change. How do we address and mitigate the issues our planet faces as a global community?

During the day, the platforms of “The Last Ocean” will highlight the transformation of reclaimed ocean plastic with a swirled surface of blue and white particulate.
At night, “The Last Ocean” will glow with vibrant animated light, cycling through a diverse palette of carefully curated colors as visitors interact with the work. Participants will splash and dance in waves of light, illuminating the organic and powerful nature of our oceans.

This installation of “The Last Ocean” is unique, with a Beacon Park specific installation slowly dissipating as the piece is exhibited, conveying the idea of this fragile ecosystem deteriorating over time.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend checking it out at night!

December 16, 2022 – January 27, 2023 (Stratford, Ontario, Canada)

Launched in 2020 during the pandemic, the award-winning Lights on Stratford annual winter festival will once again transform Stratford’s heritage downtown core and park system with luminous art and interactive light installations.

The Lights on Stratford 2022/23 theme is REKINDLE – “relight (a fire) or revive (something that has been lost).” As we emerge from another year of having to stay home, missing our friends, family and favourite places, the importance of rekindling a sense of joy, wonder and community has never been greater.

Market Square will be brought to life with internationally renowned artist Jen Lewin’s The Pool – a giant field of concentric circles that swirl with light when activated by touch. Inspired by Australian tidal pools, Lewin developed mesh network technology and code to bring this experience around the world. Visitors can activate any of the 100 large circular pads that respond to walking, dancing, jumping, or playing – encouraging participation in ever-changing composition.

Late 2023 (Cincinnati, OH)

ArtWorks and the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library are excited to announce the selection of artist Jen Lewin to create a monumental public sculpture for the Downtown Main Library’s new outdoor plaza on the corner Vine and of 9th streets. Lewin’s work may be familiar to local residents as her installation, The Pool, was featured in BLINK 2017’s inaugural festival.

As part of the current renovations for the Main Library, a new plaza is under construction with space for public art. Lewin’s sculpture is expected to delight visitors and further engage the public as a destination in the urban core. The light sculpture will include groupings of illuminated Stainless steel pillars with changing light patterns that will be visible from both outside and inside the building.

In total, 144 applicants from nine countries and 36 U.S. states responded to the Library’s and ArtWorks’s initial Request for Qualifications. Lewin was selected out of three finalists asked to submit Request for Proposals. Lewin is internationally-known for producing tech-based artwork which incorporates changes in light intensity and color. The piece is expected to be installed in late 2023.


“Lewin’s technologically mediated artwork is not only visually and sonically engaging, but also connects the viewer to a dynamic embodied experience,” 
Lisa Becker, art curator.
“The Pool” by American artist Jen Lewin – literally invites the audience to touch the art. And not just to touch it, but stand on it, dance and jump on it. It is a very different experience from being in a museum, and both young and old will be enchanted by the light works,”
Burcu Aldinç, editor, Daily Sabah.
“From interactive sound and light sculptures that inspire people into play, to woven fiber video curtains that reflect movement, or giant, robotic, ethereal moths that dance based on human touch. Lewin’s ability to utilize technology as a medium is rare and unprecedented. She brings an organic, feminine quality to her electronic work that leaves viewers enchanted and surprised,”
Lauren Mosenthal, interviewer, Inspiring People in Creative Spaces.
“Delighted people worldwide step, hop, and skip into a seemingly simply but technologically complex environment where they can individually or collectively create dazzling, luminous patterns. Light is enlisted and directed through chance choreography. One form of energy—human movement—is transformed into another. The pooling of spontaneous collaborative effort create infinite variations on a theme. Lewin’s work has been wildly successful beyond the site-specific conditions and demographics of the playa at Burning Man,”
Peter Bejger, editor, The Burning Man Journal
“Lewin’s thoughtful vision intersects with a new demand for public art – to be modern and engaging – and she has seized on the moment,”
Diane Seo, contributor,  Ku’u Punahou.

© Copyright Jen Lewin Studio, all rights reserved.    

© Copyright Jen Lewin Studio, all rights reserved.