march, 2015

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Exhibition Details

Created in 2012 by American contemporary installation artist, Jen Lewin, Chandelier Harp installed in snowy conditions outside of e-Town Hall in Boulder, Colorado.

Chandelier Harp is an interactive instrument played by passing your body through the low voltage lasers that shine from the Chandelier Harp to the ground. Much like plucking the string of a harp, passing through the beams triggers custom circuitry and sensors to produce musical notes. Users play to create an ambiance that is individual to the moment of interaction. When crowds flock to it and people start to play independently, the group’s chaotic activity give the piece life, as if everyone is, unknowingly, participating in a musical symphony. Each ‘string’ will mix its own library of sounds to create a depth and tone that compliments the public activity and random or organized play.


All Day (Monday)


eTown Hall

1535 Spruce St, Boulder, CO 80302