july, 2013

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Exhibition Details

During the Summer of 2013, contemporary American installation artist Jen Lewin introduced two of her sculptures, The Pool and Arc Lamps at the Biennial of The Americas in Denver, Colorado. Each sculpture provided a unique perspective for the public to view and interact with. Constructed in 2013, the Arc Lamps are five individual chandeliers constructed out of recycled oversized light bulbs and custom LED lights. The design was based off of the Edison Chandelier, using a similar construction but pushing the boundaries of scale by incorporating bulbs still being used in commercial lighting. Arc Lamps currently hang in The Studio (Boulder).

Created in 2008, The Pool is a large-scale interactive sculpture that invites each individual to move around, among, and on the platforms, watching as their interactions create washes of vibrant color through the sculpture.

Jen Lewin combines her studies in engineering, computer programming, dance, music and film to create public artworks that engage the body and the senses. Her works have been featured at a variety of events, including the Istanbul Light Festival, Vivid Sydney 2014 and 2018, iLight Marina Bay, Signal Fest and Burning Man; art biennales in Denver, Colorado and Gwangju, South Korea; and solo exhibitions across the United States and in Mexico, Portugal and England. Lewin has also designed and installed permanent public interactive sculptures worldwide, including the Sidewalk Harp in Minneapolis; Magical Harp in Palo Alto, Calif.; Promenade in Denver, Colo.; and Ascent in Coral Springs, Fla.


All Day (Tuesday)


Biennial of the Americas

1550 Wewatta St #950, Denver, CO 80202