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Launched in 2020 during the pandemic, the award-winning Lights on Stratford annual winter festival will once again transform Stratford’s heritage downtown core and park system with luminous art and interactive light installations.

The Lights on Stratford 2022/23 theme is REKINDLE – “relight (a fire) or revive (something that has been lost).” As we emerge from another year of having to stay home, missing our friends, family and favourite places, the importance of rekindling a sense of joy, wonder and community has never been greater.

Market Square will be brought to life with internationally renowned artist Jen Lewin’s The Pool – a giant field of concentric circles that swirl with light when activated by touch. Inspired by Australian tidal pools, Lewin developed mesh network technology and code to bring this experience around the world. Visitors can activate any of the 100 large circular pads that respond to walking, dancing, jumping, or playing – encouraging participation in ever-changing composition.

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Illuminate Adelaide’s free, city-wide centrepiece returns with a new series of immersive installations, artworks and large-scale activations set to turn Adelaide’s most iconic streetscapes into a night-time playground of colour and sound.

The Pool and Chandelier Harp will be joining the roster of boundary-pushing local and international artists to reimagine the laneways, street-fronts and open spaces through the three key North, East and West precincts.

Bringing together highly mathematical principles of music theory, Jen Lewin’s Chandelier Harp invites visitors to create literal music through the movements of their body. Visit Chandelier Harp at Queens Theatre, Playhouse Ln & Gilles Arcade. By dancing beneath the harp’s unique series of laser sensors, participants can work collaboratively to play this interactive instrument fit with retro synthesizers to generate truly harmonious melodies.

Merging the movements of individuals to create an overlapping and everchanging collage of light, The Pool is a giant field of concentric circles that swirl with colour when activated by touch. Inspired by Australian tidal rock pools, The Pool uses cutting edge mesh-network technology and custom code to bring this vivid and ever-changing composition to life. Visit The Pool on the North Terrace of the South Australian Museum.

Free for all ages and running nightly from 6pm to 11pm.

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THE LAST OCEAN, created by American contemporary artist, Jen Lewin, explores the crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans, a warming planet, dwindling natural resources, and the need for aggressive systemic change. How do we address and mitigate the issues our planet faces as a global community?

Lewin’s previous work combines the beauty of the natural world alongside the transformative possibilities of human interactivity and the power of technology, creating community through connection. The Last Ocean aims to expand on this body of work, encapsulating the expansive uniqueness of our oceans, and the fragility of these immense bodies of water. Composed of over 300 interactive platforms and created from reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic, The Last Ocean is an immersive experience created using Lewin’s unique in-house mesh network LED technology.

During the day, the platforms of The Last Ocean will highlight the transformation of reclaimed ocean plastic with a swirled surface of blue and white particulate.

At night, The Last Ocean will glow with vibrant animated light, cycling through a diverse palette of carefully curated colors as visitors interact with the work. Participants will splash and dance in waves of light, illuminating the organic and powerful nature of our oceans.

Each installation of The Last Ocean will be unique, with site specific installations slowly dissipating as the piece is exhibited, conveying the idea of this fragile ecosystem deteriorating over time.

The Last Ocean will premiere at Burning Man 2022, as part of the Burning Man Honoraria

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Internationally renowned NYC based artist Jen Lewin will bring her interactive light landscape, The Pool, to Industry City. Built in 2008, The Pool invites visitors to walk, dance, jump and play along the field of concentric circles. By entering The Pool, you enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects of light and color. Imagine a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively.

Inspired by Australian tidal pools, Lewin developed technology and code in order to bring this experience around the world. Using mesh-network technology and custom code, visitors can activate platforms that respond to touch—encouraging participation in an ever-changing composition.

The Pool is part of Lewin’s “Have Art, Will Travel” program, traveling to over sixty exhibition venues in more than twenty countries in the past thirteen years, including: Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, and Taipei.

The Pool will be at Industry City starting January 28, 2022 until March 28, 2022. The piece will be open from 3pm-9pm everyday in the courtyard between Buildings 1 & 2 and is free to the public.

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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center commissioned Jen Lewin’s traveling artwork, AQUEOUS a sequence of interactive LED platforms that form trails of light. During the day, the sculpture shifts in color and reflection, mirroring the sky. At night, AQUEOUS glows in full illuminated interactivity, engaging groups in an ever-changing landscape. 

Inspired by the symmetry in natural systems, AQUEOUS is one of the first pattern-based sculptures built at this scale. Composed of hundreds of interactive modular platforms derived from the Golden Ratio, the sculpture can be installed in multiple configurations. Each platform is controlled by code written by the artist, allowing them to sense human interaction individually, but also to link to each other to form interconnected pathways of light effects. 

AQUEOUS was designed and fabricated in 2017 at Lewin’s studio in Brooklyn, New York, and is part of her “Have Art, Will Travel” program.

AQUEOUS will be publicly exhibited at Stavros Niarchos Park starting December 1st, 2021 until January 6th, 2022 from hours 6am-8pm.



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CURRENT: Tides of Contemporary Design features functional and collectable works fabricated by local designers. This exhibition is part of NYCxDesign Annual Festival.

Jen Lewin will be debuting her latest work, the ANTI CHANDELIER. While known internationally for her large scale interactive public sculptures shares her latest in her intimate Edison series. Beginning in 2013, Jen salvaged some of the last of Edison bulb glass produced globally, and has since formed them in a number of works, with the latest at auction at Sotheby’s. These sculptures celebrate the iconic form and the refractive properties of its glass.

Catch the ANTI CHANDELIER and more from November 11th-18th 3-6pm or by appointment at 28 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY. Follow for the latest and DM for an appointment.

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Reflect, by Jen Lewin, is an immersive, multi-sensory experience that takes inspiration from the dynamic patterns created by organic systems found in nature. Spanning 2,400 square feet, the sculpture consists of three concentric rings, each made up of interactive platforms that respond to visitors’ steps, triggering splashes of light that create an ever-changing composition. The installation will encourage New Yorkers to pause for a moment of reflection and discovery, and inspire connection as the city enters a new era of hope and revival.

Domino Park is the first exhibition venue that will display Reflect in the United States. Created as a part of the larger 15,000 square foot work Cosmos, Reflect was first featured in Tokyo over the spring and summer of 2020. During the day, Reflect’s glossy dichroic surface mirrors the sky and surrounding environment, creating a surreal space and eliciting a profoundly connective experience. At night, the sculpture animates and glows as viewers move across its ever-changing illuminated panels, powered by complex code and hardware, all custom developed by the artist.

Reflect at Domino Park allows for multiple individuals to engage with the work simultaneously, while maintaining six feet of social distance, making it an ideal public artwork for this moment.

Reflect is free and open to the public March 5 – April 15, 2021. The immersive exhibit is open to park visitors between 8 a.m. EST and 10 p.m. EST every day.

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The Asia Culture Center is hosting a multimedia art exhibit called the Hall of Night Light, that will illuminate Gwangju, South Korea with various interactive installations and projection-mapped light shows. For the month of October, The Pool by Jen Lewin will be on display as a part of the third stage of the exhibition, “Peace by Moonlight.” All visitors are welcome to the cultural complex for the free exhibition, open daily from 7:30-11pm, and can reserve a time to attend on the Asia Culture Center website.

The Pool was originally created in 2008 and since has been featured in 60 major installations worldwide. This interactive sculpture is a hallmark of Lewin’s work that seeks to create participatory public art experiences that transform the way we interact with art and each other through the shifting patterns and colors dynamically created in response to users’ play on the piece itself.   

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Social distancing and interaction are not mutually exclusive in Oklahoma City. Wear a mask as you wind your way through Campbell Art Park on Jen Lewin’s Aqueous, an interactive light installation open now to the public daily until 11pm, through October 19th. During the day, Aqueous’ surface reflects the sky, audience, and surrounding environment. At night, Aqueous engages visitors as they walk along its surface — lighting up as they step, run, jump or play along the pathway.

Jen Lewin combines her studies in engineering, computer programming, dance, music and film to create public artworks that engage the body and the senses. Her works have been featured at a variety of events, including the Istanbul Light Festival, Vivid Sydney 2014 and 2018, iLight Marina Bay, Signal Fest and Burning Man; art biennales in Denver, Colorado and Gwangju, South Korea; and solo exhibitions across the United States and in Mexico, Portugal and England. Lewin has designed and installed permanent public interactive sculptures worldwide, including the Sidewalk Harp in Minneapolis; Magical Harp in Palo Alto, Calif.; Promenade in Denver, Colo.; and Ascent in Coral Springs, Fla.

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A new signature work by Jen Lewin, installing in Heritage Plaza, Walnut Creek. Installing in  the late fall of 2020.